Big Bear summer activities for SB residents

By Gregory Gammill |Staff Writer|

The average heat for San Bernardino expected for this upcoming summer from July to September is “96, 96, 91,” according to the U.S. Climate Data.

Summer is quickly approaching the students and faculty here at CSUSB and we are going to provide some insight on how to stay cool and relax with some outdoor activities.

Big Bear Mountain Resort is a great place to escape the heat of San Bernardino and the surrounding areas.

The traveling distance to Big Bear Mountain from CSUSB roughly takes only 59 minutes and is averaged out at 41 miles.

To arrive at Big Bear Mountain, depart from University Pkwy and head toward Northpark Blvd., then take the ramp for I-215 South toward San Bernardino. 

From there, take the ramp for CA-210 East toward Redlands, where you will take the ramp for CA-330 North toward Big Bear and drive straight onto CA-18 and arrive at Big Bear Lake, Calif.

There are several summer attractions that would get people of all ages excited for these fun water activities.

Camping is one out of several in which any individual can participate with friends or family.

Camping is a fun experience at Big Bear because there are seven different areas that anyone can pick from to connect with Mother Nature.

Kayaking and canoeing on Big Bear Lake are two other fun activities to do when visiting the lake.

“Visitors can bring their own kayaks or canoes. Management charges $15 for a one-day permit, $25 for a two-day permit. You can rent kayaks and canoes at one of the marinas in Big Bear Lake for about $20 an hour,” according to Big Bear Lake Visitors Bureau.

Biking is another main attraction that brings in people from all over, ranging in a variety of biking skills.

Biking around the resort will give people visiting an opportunity to experience nature and the trails in a way that others may not.

Fishing is another fun activity to do at Big Bear Lake. The lake offers several different kinds of fish to try and catch.

Fishing out of Big Bear could potentially land someone a nice prized fish, such as rainbow trout, black crappie, blue gill and more. 

Hiking is also another fun activity that is being offered for campers who want to escape the heat of the Inland Empire.

Big Bear’s hiking getaway provides up to three different trails that campers can go on to explore throughout the day.

Golfing is another activity that might delight other camper’s tastes. There is always plenty of room and a great view at the golf course.

“The Bear Mountain golf course is a 9-hole, mountain-style course located at the base of the Bear Mountain Resort in the Moonridge meadow area. The course is good for all levels of players…If you need a lesson the pro-shop offers reserved golf lessons,” stated Big Bear Lake Visitors Bureau.

Big Bear Mountain and Resort has a wide variety of summer activities to do to avoid the heat.

Any CSUSB student or faculty will see the cost efficient prices as an easy way to avoid the heat for anyone trying to escape it.

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