Best local bars

by Zafiro Tellez | Staff Writer|

Are you an avid sports fan, taking late classes and in danger of missing that one great Monday Night Football game?

Many students who find themselves in this predicament have looked up and down for sports bars that are near campus in order to catch their favorite sports teams.

“Don Martin is great! It’s an excellent place that is close by, it has great Mexican food and you can go there and watch your favorite teams play if you like,” said Ruby Ramirez, student.

Don Martin is located on 1970 Ostrems Way, right past the entrance to the 215 Freeway.

If you’re looking to enjoy the game while enjoying a warm plate of Mexican food then Don Martin is the place for you. The décor inside is influenced by Spanish style. You can order anything from enchiladas to menudo.

If you have time and wish to venture further from San Bernardino, the Pool Club might be a great place to visit.

“I heard about the Pool Club, plenty of TVs, some pool tables. It seems like a great place to have a great big Monday Night Football bash. I heard about the drink minimum but I have never been there, eventually I’ll go down there one of these Mondays,” said Prince Thompson, student.

There is a minimum drink requirement of one drink per hour but there are more than enough pool tables for those who enjoy the game.

The decorations include some miniature race cars hanging from the walls. The Pool Club is located on 1946 S. E Street in San Bernardino.

This establishment centers mostly on pool but has three giant TVs for sports games, and the two level building has more than enough room for anyone who wants to just stop by and watch a game while playing pool.

“Stingers all day every day. It’s the most underrated sports bar in San Bernardino. They have six dollar steaks on Mondays,” said student Will Macale.

They always have football games on, in addition to UFC fights and have several events that are co-hosted with local radio station 103.9 FM.

Stingers is also a great place to bring the family because they allow children inside during the day time.

Stingers is located on 194 W. Club Center Dr.

Another local spot, the Celebrities Sports Grill, won the San Bernardino Sun’s (***italicize SB Sun?) Best Burger reader’s choice award.

They offer two appetizers for $20. Celebrities has seven TVs and a pool table. They have been serving their sports fans for about ten years.

You can come and watch any sports event while enjoying happy hour Monday through Friday.

Celebrities Sports Grill is located on 127 W. 40th Street.

If you happen to be one of those dedicated fans who cant miss a game and is limited on time then check out the sports bars close to CSUSB in order to enjoy great food and show off that team spirit.


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