Behind The Podium: Brief look at leading presidential candidates

By Chris Cauhapé |Staff Writer|

As the presidential primaries draw near, it is time to consider dates, deadlines and who may lead the country for the next four years.

Voters may register online, at the post office, Department of Motor Vehicles, or the local library. The last day to register is May 23.

Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz: Conservative Republican. Canadian-born son of Cuban pastor and Delaware-born mother.

U.S. Senator from Texas (2013-present).

Extreme critic of Present Barack Obama and The Affordable Care Act.

Opposes all abortion except when life of mother is threatened.

Opposes same-sex unions and legalization of cannabis and comprehensive immigration reform.

Supports gun rights and death penalty and the “carpet bombing of ISIS.”


Donald John Trump: Republican. New York-born multi-billionaire real estate developer and TV personality.

Wants Mexico to build and pay for impenetrable wall at US/Mexico frontier. Wants to deport all undocumented residents.

Wants to “bomb the hell” out of ISIS. Wants to ban immigration for anyone of the Islamic faith.

Opposes Obamacare and cannabis legalization.


Bernard “Bernie” Sanders: Self described “democratic socialist.” New York born U.S. Senator from Vermont (2007-present).

Long time (1991-2007) Vermont congressman.

Supports free college tuition for all public colleges and universities.

Favors investment in infrastructure, campaign finance reform, stricter regulations on Wall Street and end to U.S. involvement in Middle East wars.

Supports legalization of cannabis.


Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton: Moderate Democrat. Illinois-born former First Lady (1993-2001), U.S. Senator for New York (2001-2009), and U.S. Secretary of State (2009-2013).

Wants to follow up on Bill Clinton and Barack Obama policies  Would tweak Obamacare.

Wants to wait and see about cannabis legalization.

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