Before you kick the sport’s bucket

By Mackenzie von Kleist |Staff Writer|

Before the last strike out, final touch down, the last whistle blown and before you kick the sports bucket, make sure you check some things off of your list.
You know you want one or maybe you already have one, bucket lists are an easy way to get you through that boring lecture and a sports bucket list is even better.
While before I die I want to accomplish many things, I feel these sports items will definitely be some that I want to do and quite possibly may accomplish.
These are some of the must do’s for any sports fanatic.
Attend a Lakers playoff game and sit courtside
In reality most of us have the chance to attend a Laker playoff game (unfortunately not this season), but with Los Angeles so close to home and the games being so much fun this is a definite thing that could happen for anyone close to this area.
In fantasy land, I would be able to afford the courtside seats and sit amongst the celebrities but, according to, courtside seats sold for $30,000 apiece during the playoffs when the Lakers played the Celtics.
Attend a men’s world cup soccer game in England
I have had the fortune of attending the women’s world cup in 1999 when I was eight which was one of the best experiences of my life but seeing a men’s world cup in a foreign country would top it all.
Soccer not being the most popular sport in America makes it, for me anyways, not as exciting to go to the games here in the US. In a foreign country where “football” is part of the rich history, watching this sport from a huge sold out stadium surrounded by English accents would be an unforgettable experience that I would like to have one day.
Go to a Red Sox vs. Yankee game at Yankee stadium
One of the biggest rivalry’s in sports, and seeing it at the incredibly famous stadium is something that anyone would want to see. I would be terrified to support either team while at the game, but it is fun to see how other fans are about their rivals.
We see enough of it here in L.A. with the Dodgers vs. the Angels but this rivalry is perhaps one of the greatest celebrated in baseball, ;et alone sports history.
Meet and take a picture with Miles Austin, Wide Receiver for the Dallas Cowboys football team.
Being the biggest fan ever of the Dallas Cowboys, I would very much like to meet Miles Austin. Not only based upon his talents as an athlete and his incredible break out season in 2009 but also as a young women who finds him extremely attractive!
What a hunk!
His 81 receptions in the 2009 season were good for 15th in the league and tied for eighth in a season in club history, according to
A picture is worth a thousand words, and a picture with Austin would be priceless.
Attend the Daytona 500
Although I have never in my entire 22 years on this earth ever watched a NASCAR race, I feel and thoroughly believe it would be a very interesting and riveting sport to watch.
How anyone can sit and watch 42 cars circle a track for 500 miles is astonishing and something that I would definitely want to see before I die.
According to, it is the most expensive race in NASCAR and also has the highest rating of any NASCAR race on television.
Attend an Ohio State vs. Michigan college football game.
If you are unaware of rivalries in sports this one by far tops them all. A whole HBO special was dedicated to these two teams and thoroughly discussed the rivalry between them.
Not having a football team here at CSUSB, we are unable to experience the college game day lifestyle that other students get to understand.
Go to the Kentucky Derby
I have never been to a horse race and betting on a short man on top of a gigantic horse racing around a dirt track seems like it would be a pretty fun past time. A must do before I die.
Life is about experiencing and submersing yourself into different situations and exposing yourself to things you may have never thought to do or see before
Attend the Superbowl
Who wouldn’t want to attend a Superbowl? Better yet, since the installation of the new and better improved Dallas Cowboys stadium the game day experience would be amazing to see and be a part of.
Go to a World Series Game
Attending a World Series game is one of those things that are different than any other regular season game. It is a part of America’s past time and something special to be a part of.
Attend the Winter Olympics
Olympic Games are different to most sports because you have the entire USA cheering on the same people that you want to win. It brings everyone together no matter if you’re a fan of the Dodgers or Angels, your undoubtedly cheering on the US.
Life is about experiencing and submersing yourself into different situations and exposing yourself to things you may have never thought to do or see before.
Hopefully in my lifetime I will be able to cross of half of these items to truly have a fulfilling unique life.

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