Beach bum and sports fun

By Annette Verdejo |Staff Writer|

There’s a little less than two weeks left of the 2010-2011 school year and students will all of a sudden have some free time to go out and enjoy the sun.

Summer is a relief from stress for the majority of students; we look forward to the first day of summer all year long. For most, it is a chance to relax and spend some time with your friends doing some of your favorite summer activities.

In California, we are lucky to have so many options on how to spend our lazy summer days, especially with the beach less than an hour away.

Most of us have spent all day at the beach swimming and playing football or ultimate frisbee.  Swimming and body boarding are some of the easiest activities and the best thing is that they are free.

“When I go to the beach, I typically try and get a group of people together to play soccer on the sand, I also like to swim and barbecue over the fire pits at Huntington,” said Bryan Budd.

But maybe you are looking for some new activities that you have never tried before or have not done in awhile.

The beach has so many more opportunities other than playing volleyball or soccer on the sand. Summer typically makes people more adventurous.

For those that are skeptical about open water, why not give kayaking a try? Newport Beach offers kayaking tours for a fee of $40-$50. Most tours are about an hour long and include life vests and kayaks.

No experience is needed to kayak. Having done it before myself, I would definitely recommend it. It’s an enjoyable experience and can be quite relaxing.

For those Coyotes that have no fear of the open water, or Nemo and his fishy friends, I’d recommend surfing as a new summer activity.

As someone who has learned to surf in recent years, I cannot say that it is an easy thing to learn. It’s a lot different than snowboarding or skating boarding because you cannot control the water or what it does.

I’ve taken my fair share of slams and I have a couple of battle wounds. But I can tell you this, it’s so worth it to get back up and keep trying.

It’s quite challenging at first and can definitely be frustrating, but it’s hard to duplicate that feeling of freedom when you are riding a wave and it feels like you have no other cares in the world. It’s an indescribable feeling.

Surfing lessons come at a fair price and you can find them at almost any beach that has suitable waves and tourist traffic. Most shops will have wet suits that you can rent as well, so head out to a sweet location like Seal Beach and give it a shot.