Be smart, drink responsibly

By Karen Dement |Staff Writer|

College, a time of growth, freedom and the occasional party.

College may have its perks but when it comes to drinking and partying there are many downfalls when students abuse this privilege. We should all familiarize ourselves with them.

Binge drinking, drunk driving, alcohol poisoning and others can lead to death and are just a few of the many irresponsible drinking occurances that students and others take on and they’re all things that we can stop.

Being more responsible about drinking can help us prevent these habits.

According to, academic impairment, memory loss, injuries, fatalities and unprotected sex are all serious consequences of drinking irresponsibly.

“Drinking has definitely impacted my life. I recently lost a friend to drinking and it’s hard to think that you just saw that person that night and the next morning they’re gone. It makes you realize how life can be taken way too soon and so unexpectedly,” said student Melissa Sanchez.

We all need to take it upon ourselves to drink responsibly as well as pass on what we’ve learned to others so we can prevent unfortunate events like this from happening in the future.

Just like Sanchez, I’ve lost a friend to drunk driving and it’s something that can be avoided. We’re not invincible and that’s a fact we need to face.

On Nov. 8, Delta Sigma Chi had an event called “D.S.C. Against Drunk Driving.” A wrecked car that had been in an accident due to its driver driving under the influence was on display in front of the Pfau Library; its goal was to educate and bring awareness to how the irresponsibility of drinking and driving can lead to fatalities.

“It really makes you think twice about your actions and it’s something I know I won’t take the risk of ever doing. It’s scary that it takes something like this to impact the way we think about drinking,” said student Leslie Santana.

Drink Smart, a web site that teaches people on how to drink responsibly and eliminate alcohol abuse, shares six ways that can help you become more responsible when it comes to drinking.

They include driving safe, obeying the law, taking responsibility, drinking in moderation, being a responsible host and seizing control of a situation when others are under the influence.

Everyone should take the time to check out the web site and understand that it only takes one person to make the decision to drink smart, and that one person should be you.



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