Basketball Excitement: It’s the Finals

By Chris Hanley |Staff Writer|

NBA superstars Dirk Nowitzki and LeBron James will meet each other in battle to decide who will win his first NBA championship ring.

This year’s NBA Finals include of two the league’s most uniquely talented basketball superstars that sports fans have ever seen.

James came into the league and was crowned “King James” from the start of his rookie season. No one has come into the league straight out of high school and has lived up to the expectations like James, except for maybe a guy named Kobe.

Starting his career in Cleveland, he gave them six of the best years that the sports franchise has seen. The amazing dunks, triple doubles and excitement was common in LeBron’s years at Cleveland.

The seven year pro has accomplished much in his short career such as winning the Rookie of the Year award in his first regular season, two regular season MVP awards, but everyone knows that James went to Miami with one goal in mind, to win an NBA championship.

James came into the league being compared to Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan.

Being the best team leader is the name of the game when it comes to winning a NBA championship.

James is almost ready to win the whole enchilada but when it comes to experience and determination, Nowitzki seems to have the upper hand.

Nowitzki has stayed with the Dallas Mavericks throughout his entire 12 years in the NBA. His team respects him as a leader and understands that he is the guy that is going to take over when the game is on the line.

James has played great in the regular season averaging 25.4 points a contest and 23.7 points in the playoffs thus far.

Although James has put up great numbers, Nowitzki has played at an even more impressive level in his playoff run than James.

The NBA has never seen a big man play the game the way Nowitzki has throughout his career. The Dallas leader has changed the game by showing that the biggest man on the court can also be the best all-around shooter on the court.

The one-time MVP is a big man that can shoot from the perimeter and take it to the hole. Standing seven feet tall, the superstar has the offensive skills of a shooting guard.

The 2010-11 season for Nowitzki has been another great year for him and the Mavericks as he has led the team averaging 23 points a game, matching his career average.

The Maverick’s superstar has continued his great play throughout the playoffs, averaging an impressive 28.4 points per game thus far.

Nowitzki needs to bring home a championship trophy this year because he has shown the most hunger and determination throughout the playoffs.

The Dallas superstar is ready to bring home a long awaited championship title in this year’s NBA finals and avenge the infamous 2006 championship against the Heat when the Mavs won the first two but ended up losing the series.

Both players are playing for a chance to change how their story is written in the annals of NBA history.



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