Baseball plays off campus

By Gabriel Ramos |Contributing Writer|

The fact that the school has a baseball team off campus is a fact that many aren’t aware of.

Most students know that the Coussoulis Arena is home to our volleyball and basketball teams. The Coyote Premier Field hosts our soccer teams and the Coyote Softball Park is for the softball team. 

Fiscalini Field has served as Cal State San Bernardino’s baseball field for quite some time now. It was built back in 1934 and opened in 1936.

Multiple Major League Baseball teams used the facility for their spring training games upon its opening.

It was formerly known as Perris Hill Park Ball Field, but was renamed in 1993 after John Fiscalini.

Fiscalini was a San Bernardino native, “who earned All-Citrus Belt League baseball honors at San Bernardino High School, won All-American Laurel twice while playing at the University of California, Berkeley and played professionally for the Pittsburgh Pirates,” according to the city of San Bernardino.

Fiscalini Field was formerly used by the San Bernardino Spirit (1987-1995), Pioneers (1946-1947) and Stars (1941).

The 3,600 seat facility was also used in the film “Stealing Home,” starring Jodie Foster and Mark Harmon.

The field belongs to the City of San Bernardino who provides a crew that the team works with to fix and maintain the field year-round especially during the season.

The baseball program helps clean the facility in its entirety, raking the dirt and watering the dirt and grass daily.

There’s a clubhouse included which includes a restroom and ice machine.

For batting practice, there are two batting cages, and for warming up pitchers, bullpens are included.

Not only do the Coyotes use this facility, but it is also used by a youth league and adult leagues, so it is very important that the entire facility stays clean and ready for use.

“It’s definitely a unique atmosphere out here at Fisci,” said Daniel Romo, a utility player for the Coyotes. “You learn to love and grow with this ballpark and make it your second home.”

Fiscalini Field is located about 6 miles from campus, which makes it about a 15-20-minute drive to get there.

The players and coaches drive out to it every day, which can be a hassle.

Practice usually goes from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, with multiple games scheduled for the weekend.

“It sucks sometimes because I have to hurry to Fisci after class and if I have a 6 p.m. class that day, then I have to leave practice early and hurry back to class while trying to get food, shower and get ready all in between,” said outfielder Jordan Simon.

Other cons that come with having an off-campus field is that it’s in a public park, which means there’s a risk of theft, dirtiness, etc.

The field may have some negatives, but it is a unique place to play and watch a game.

Students can head to the field and watch a double header for free while having a snack from the snack bar. With plenty of seats, there’s not a bad view in the house.

“Yeah there’s pros and cons with having an off-campus field but I continue to preach to my players that it is a privilege being out there on that field,” said head coach David Martinez.

“Not many kids get the opportunity that they have, so no matter what field they play on or what team they play for, they should be glad that they still have the opportunity to play the game they love,” Martinez continued.

The season’s almost over, but the Coyotes could still use support in their last few home games at Fiscalini.

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