Bands bring a local flavor to the SMSU

By Justin Mathew Dennis |Staff Writer|

Music from the Rock-A-Holics Happy Hour filled the student union on Feb. 23.

The Underground Music Society held an event to support and promote local bands from the Inland Empire. The Underground Music Society is all about promoting music culture and conscience on CSUSB campus.

The Local Band Spotlight introduced three local bands: Psychedelic Milk, Feather Static and Violet Sun.

These bands offered a good variety of rock music, from a classic rock sound to an acoustic feel.

The first band, Psychedelic Milk, has an interesting music style that does a good job of grabbing the listener’s attention.

“It’s rock and roll with a hint of psychedelia,” said bass player Russ Rosenwirth.

There is one major message that the band Psychedelic Milk would like to send through their music.

“Rock and roll may be dying, but it’s not dead yet!” said vocalist Chasen Landery.

The band is set to release their new EP at the end of March.

Feather Static is a hometown band made of old friends and family. Manueles Duran, a CSUSB student and drummer for Feather Static says that their message in the music is simply, “Good times and rock and roll!”

Their band name, Feather Static, reflects their music style  they master the balance between hard and soft rock like yin and yang.

Feather Static is looking forward to eventful summer with tours and gigs that would get the band more recognition.

“Our goal is not necessarily to be rich, but we definitely do want to make a living out of this,” said German Iniguez, one of Feather Static’s vocalists.

Violet Sun brought an acoustic style to the performance. Describing their music style as experimental pop, vocalist and guitar player Jay Valdez says their sound was influenced by other bands like The Beatles and Portugal, the Man.

The members formed during a series of random events where each member joined from previous bands of their own.

The name of the band was very much related to the message that they are trying to send through their songs. The name ‘Violet Sun’ references to beautiful beginnings and they encourage people to take care of our planet and go green.

“If you have a big pile of trash, would you throw it in the middle of your living room? Of course not, because that’s your home,” Valdez said. “If you wouldn’t do that in your house, why would you throw a bag of trash in the street?”

Underground Music Society coordinator Emmanuel Rodriguez described the Rock-A-Holics Happy Hour as a success. Based on this show’s popularity, Rodriguez wants to have a Local Band Spotlight show at least once a month.

“People came and had a good time,” said Rodriguez. “The bands came together and worked together. I definitely see it as a success.”


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