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By Justin Sandoval |Staff Writer|

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Cal State University San Bernardino Asstistant Golf Coach Gene Webster Jr,  set the gold standard for the student athlete attending CSUSB.

Webster attributes much of his success and strong mentality to his Native American heritage, as a member of the Navajo, Ojibwe, and Oneida tribes, and has a saying, “it’s not the arrow, its the Indian,” which translates to his players, “it’s not the clubs, its the golfer.”

Websters career was not all glory as he mentions his most disappointing moment during his career at CSUSB.

Webster said, “Making double bogey on the 72nd hole to lose the NCAA Individual National Championship, and dropping our team into a tie for the national championship, and then going on to lose in a 5 on 5 playoff to Sonoma State, was by far my most disappointing moment in collegiate golf, but those are the moments you learn from.”

Webster continued, “It is these moments I have had as a former player that benefit me now as a coach, as I am able to relate to my players on the course.”

Webster leaves his coyotes with one final comment before he sends his players into battle, “he who says he can’t and he who says he will, are both usually correct,” Confucius.

Webster is not tall and large in stature but has a noticeably strong attitude and character to be reckoned with on the golf course and in life.

Webster has the ability to use his experience as a player to help develop the current and incoming coyote recruits to perform at their highest level as he did so well.

Born and raised in San Bernardino, Webster attended Arroyo Valley High School a local high school where he led the way to 3 individual San Andreas League Golf Championships.

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Once getting to CSUSB the accolades only became more frequent and extraordinary.
Webster is a three time NCAA All-American, also receiving one NCAA All-American Honorable mention during his time playing for CSUSB.

When first arriving to the school his freshman year the accolades became more phenomenal receiving the 2007 CCAA Freshmen of the year award, and the 2007 CSUSB Pup Award (CSUSB Freshman of the year) and lastly the CSUSB 2007 Male Athlete of the Year.

He topped of his freshman year as the 2007 West Region Medalist at 11 under par of 216, finishing with 205 total, par being amount of strokes expected to play a golf course.

Webster dominated the West Region conference with ease.

He became a 4-time NCAA All-West Region player of the year.

Webster finished his CSUSB career in similar fashion as he closed out his final 2010 season with the CCAA player of the year award, and the CSUSB Male Athlete of the year award.


Leaving his legacy for all college golfers of the future as he set the 2010 Coyote Classic tournament record at 14 under par, and the Hanny Stanislaus Invitational tournament record at 18 under par.

Both which have held extremely strong, as there has yet to be a player to come close to either record.

Webster’s most exciting moment came in the 2008 West Region Tournament as the Coyotes golf team tied for a spot to advance to the 2008 National Championships.

The Coyotes triumphed over Cal State University Stanislaus in a 5 versus 5 playoff to advance to the 2008 National Championship.



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