Art of Flight

By:  Koby Heramil | Staff Writer |

Students were curious to discover the meaning of the “Art of Flight”.  They unraveled the mystery Thursday night on the 10th.

Red Bull presented a movie about snowboarding called the Art of Flight.  The Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) of California State University, San Bernardino hosted the event.

The event was from 7PM to 9PM in the Student Union Theatre.  Students arrived and had the choice between a variety of sub-sandwiches.

Raffle tickets were given out to individuals interested in winning free snow gear, a season pass to Bear Mountain, T-shirts, gift cards and much more.

Byanet Hermosillo, the Vice President of University of Affairs, Chris Martinez and Samantha Nicholson (ASI Marketing Interns) were in charge of the event.

“The purpose of the event was to provide free events and entertainment to all students,” said Martinez.

About 130 people attended the event and enjoyed the show.  The videography of the film had effective slow motion shots, which impacted the film the most.

As a viewer watching in the audience, I was impressed by the amount of work snowboarders put into their love of the sport.  It is not only a sport but also a lifestyle.

This is what they live for, why they breathe and live.  And I appreciate it much more than before, after watching this film.

Students who came out to the event shared their love for snowboarding as well.  In fact almost everyone seated in the theater shared something in common.  Either being a student, a snowboarder or just the feeling of being out doors came and gave their support.

The upcoming events to watch out for are the following:  Hidden Coyote Scavenger Hunt, Open Mic. Night, Support for athletic events and many more coming soon.


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