Arrested in development

By Nigel Hamblin |Staff Writer|

It’s official: “Arrested Development” is coming back for one more season before it heads to the big screen.

The comeback of the infamous and dysfunctional family was announced by The New Yorker via Twitter, saying that “Arrested Development” was renewed for a ten epsiode mini-series leading to a feature film.

Hurwitz originally announced it at the “Arrested Development” cast reunion, hosted by The New Yorker in New York on Oct. 2.

“The idea is that it would set the stage for the feature film,” said Hurwitz to the audience at the cast reunion.

The announcement will give devoted fans a lot to look forward to, especially since the show only had three seasons before its cancellation in 2006.

The cast had been circulating the idea of a movie for quite some time in interviews and even apologizing for its long delay.

Earlier in March, lead actor Jason Bateman confirmed to MTV News that a movie script was currently in the works.

However, the road to a feature film will not be that easy. According to The New York Times, the movie would need, “a set-up of studios that don’t typically work together, film and TV.”

On the other hand, Hurwitz never mentioned which network will broadcast the new episodes.

This is a major hurdle that the cast and crew has yet to overcome and could put the plan on hold. Hurwitz told The New York Times that he and “Arrested Development” narrator Ron Howard have been working on this for months, and he also claimed to have half the screenplay finished.
“There’s business left to be done, but creatively we’re all on board and have a very specific plan about how it would come out,” said Bateman.

As far as details about the new season go, Hurwitz hinted to The New York Times that the first episode could start off by centering on the manic brother, Buster Bluth. He joked that he and his co-writers had an idea where Buster would be experimented on in a laboratory.

“Where everyone’s been for the past five years became a big part of the story,” said Hurwitz.

It’s safe to assume that this is probably why the series will be centering on one character per episode.

The release date of the movie is far from being decided, but Bateman said they were looking at next summer to begin shooting. However, Hurwitz is reported to mention that the new season would perhaps be in the fall.

With that said, sit tight “Arrested Development” fans. The moment you’ve been waiting for is about to pay off.


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