Are you ready to rumble?

By Shirleena Racine Baggett |Staff Writer|

It is not if it happens, but when it happens.

Scientists believe that there is a 99 percent probability that a major earthquake will rock California within the next three years, according to

And I believe that many Californians are not prepared at all.

There are more than 39 million Californians, according to

Family disaster plans were found implemented in only 40 percent of homes in the sunny state, and 20 percent of homes were inspected for earthquake resistance or structurally reinforced, according to

Southern California is also the home of the world famous San Andreas Fault that stretches 800 miles across and is 10 miles deep, and what many of us do not know is that cities like Desert Hot Springs, Palmdale, and the great San Bernardino sit directly on the Fault.

I took a poll in my Communication 330 class and 17 out of the 21 students present did not have an earthquake kit prepared at home.

To tell you the truth, I do not have one either.

As a college student, especially one who lives by herself away from family, educating myself and others on this matter needs to be made a top priority. 

“I think that many Californians are well-intentioned, and mean to get  better prepared, but put it off,” stated professor of Geology Dr. Joan E. Fryxell.

“This is a dangerous way to proceed, I believe,” added Fryxell.

Staying lackadaisical and nonchalant about the evident big tremor in California would leave many people incompetent in handling the situation when it does actually happen.

“I have thought about putting an earthquake kit together but I don’t have time”, said student Tamara Jamal.

“I’m concerned because I don’t have a plan”, added Jamal.

Our current dependency on technology and the complex modern society we live in, would fall vulnerable causing loss of communication, shelter, jobs, transportation, schools, and businesses.                          

So, what do we do?

Non-profits like the California Earthquake Authority (CEA) and the American Red Cross (Red Cross) are helping people how to prepare to survive and recover from the next big shake.

CSUSB and all 33 school districts in the San Bernardino County participate annually in The Great California ShakeOut drill in October.

“I am prepared with stocks of food, water, education of survival skills, and some defense tactics and mechanisms,” said student Randall Higgins.

It is time for all of us to get on board, mainly because CSUSB is considered a commuter school for many students and faculty members.

Excuses of not having time or not knowing how to be prepared is invalid at this point.

“I would love to see frequent drills on campus, because it will keep everyone safer when we do experience a damaging earthquake,” concluded Fryxell.

Californians are too focused on trends, social media, and celebrities rather than the reality of this situation.

An earthquake will happen—and it will happen very soon.

I am not saying live each day in fear of an earthquake, but let us prepare ourselves, so when that terrifying day comes, we are ready.


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