Apps empower and entertain

By Jessica Ramirez

Staff Writer

You can connect with others, entertain, pay your bills and even navigate your way to your next destination with just a touch of a button.

Pandora, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter and the new favorite app of IE residents, i411 Inlandempire, are a few of the apps that seem a part of many CSUSB students’ smartphones or other electric devices such as the iPod or iPad.

There are thousands of applications that run on many screens throughout the day but which apps are the most popular at CSUSB campus?

Here is a list of student favorites. “Angry Birds! It’s so addicting and entertaining,” says student Brenda Perez.

The addicting app Angry Birds is one of the top bought apps.

This app is an entertaining video puzzle game in which the player uses a slingshot to launch birds at pigs posted within different structures, with the mission to destroy all pigs on the playing field.

Another top app, which is free, is the famous social network Facebook.

“I got Facebook because I got to keep up with the social network,” said student Marvin Mejia.

Apart from being able to use it online it carries its benefi ts as an app which you can use the check-in feature to check your location and tag friends.

The app also allows you to access and reply to your Facebook messages and posts.

“Music! Who can’t live without music? I know I can’t!”

Pandora Radio is a free personalized radio station that lets you create your own list of artist and songs and will also compile play lists with similar music.

Other music apps, Shazaam and Soundhound, are great if you’re trying to identify the name of a tune. It streams and listens to the tune until it gets a sample of the song and identifies the music. It then gives you the information of the artist, album, song name and where you can buy it from.

“I use Shazaam because sometimes I listen to a song that I can’t identify and Shazaam helps me by finding the tunes information, and like that I can fi nd the music to download and add to my iPod,” said student Christian Bautista.

Tired of getting lost? The app market contains one of the most useful navigational apps called Google Maps. It contains maps, directions and a navigational system with voice to take you wherever you’re going or if you’re lost this app can help you get back to your destination.

There are also apps that let you know what’s going on in your city. A free app created by Anspil Communication called i411 Inlandempire gives you information on local restaurants, bars and events in the IE.

From the palm of your hand you can navigate and locate your favorite restaurants, listen to music and even socialize through your favorite social networks.


Doug Belshaw | Flickr Creative Commons


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