Apple becomes Big Brother

By Linda Tran |Staff Writer|

The makers of Apple have been saving user’s location data directly from iPhones and iPads and are being stored in a hidden database file, according to The Enterprise Newsweekly.

The news came April 20, and questions began to rise immediately from many including Apple users and government officials.
A day after, Rep. Edward Markey (D) and Sen. Al Franken (D) directly sent letters to Apple CEO Steve Jobs asking why the location data is being saved.
Apple did reveal a week later why they were keeping the data.
They discovered a “bug” that was saving too much data and promised it will be soon fixed.
They also announced that a new software update was being made, and instead of tracking the location data for months, it will only be tracked for up to seven days, according to KTLA.

The news was a shock among students who are Apple users, visualizing a similar situation to George Orwell’s “1984” Big Brother scope where everyone would fall under full supervision by authorities; yet, some students on campus believe they’re keeping the data for good reasons.

Student and iPhone user Miriam Santoscoy said that she does not think the location data is an invasion to her privacy.

“They’re keeping location data for a reason,” said Santoscoy. “I think it’s a good thing. They’re able to track it because if I lost it, they would find it for me.”

Some students on campus feel uncomfortable about the tracking and how it is similar to being under the Big Brother scope.

Ana Flores, a student and iPhone user, said being tracked is an invasion of her privacy and does not like how Apple is not giving her the option to turn off the location data saving feature.

Some social network sites such as Twitter and Facebook give users the option to reveal their location data.

“We choose to post our check in on Facebook,” said Flores, differentiating from the choice of sharing location data to not having the power to do so.

Regardless of owning an iPhone or iPad device or not, many students said they agree that technology has grown more advanced, and with the latest smartphone technology, almost any person can be tracked down.

Student Christine Andrade explained she agrees with some students that the tracking is not a personal issue and said that being a young adult may be the reason why the tracking is not much of a surprise since social network sites already reveal such personal information.
“People are always buying new technology,” said Andrade. “ I don’t think they’re thinking of the pros on cons but are only thinking of getting the latest device.”
Before the reason of the location tracking data was revealed, students believed that they were storing the information for selling purposes.
Some students believed that the data was saved, possibly, to show which region was mostly populated by Apple users.
The corporation constantly keeps up-to-date on their security, and their final word on the subject is:

“Apple will continue to be one of the leaders in strengthening personal information, security and privacy,” according to KTLA.



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