Appearances and personality

By Kimberly Orozco |Contributing Writer|

When initiating a relationship the two tremendous factors are personality and physical traits. However, the question arises: what’s more important?

According to a study published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society, Biological Sciences, for both men and women, how a partner acts is more important when settling down.

“I think physical attraction is always necessary for a relationship but their personality is really the deal breaker for me,” student Jocelyn Sanchez.

“I don’t want to date someone who’s drop dead gorgeous but has an uptight and controlling personality, that just makes them unattractive in my eyes. I want to be with someone who has similar interests, stability, and humor,” Sanchez continued.

People prefer to share similar interests, a shared responsibility of maintaining stability and shared humor with their significant other, rather than have nothing in common.

“Physical attraction dies down quick. Deeper connections are what really count and make you attracted to that person so much more. When I was in high school I always wanted to date the most attractive girl but now the most attractive girl is someone who has a great personality and ambition,” said student Jonathan Gamboa.

Looks are a surface feature of the person and initially are what first attracts one to another but according to a survey conducted by, 78 percent of men would rather be with someone who is smart and funny rather than “super hot.”

Although this can vary for everyone, the average person prefers initiating a relationship with someone who they feel is more compatible with them.

Generally, those who are naturally physically attractive have an advantage when dating, but building attraction while dating that will lead to serious commitment requires other factors.

Physical appearances may help with initial impressions, but UT Austin researchers Paul Eastwick and Lucy Hunt, have found that it is uniqueness that defines attractiveness as well.

In fact, research has proven an extremely small percentage of people fall in love at first sight, most relationships evolve from previous friendships.

“My girlfriend and I had a class in high school and were friends for some time. We reconnected last year and one coffee date led to a dinner date and so forth. Somewhere along the way I began to realize she was much more than a pretty face or even a friend and we’ve been in a serious relationship ever since” said student Luis Valdez.

Most people would assume that looks triumph over personality but time after time science proves that people are not as superficial as we assume.

Having a unique personality, rather than being physically attractive, is the leading factor of attraction and the foundation of a committed relationship.


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