ANTWON gets versatile on first official album

By Diana Ramos |Staff Writer|

CaptureDon’t judge a book by its cover or in this case an album.

Bay Area rapper ANTWON released his first official album “Heavy Hearted in Doldrums” on May 6 and is now available for free on UNIFCLOTHING.

The album cover shows ANTWON with roses in his hand kneeling next to a woman who is wearing a red sweatshirt and some booty shorts.

Right below her butt she has written “bite it” and “you scum,” giving off a preconceived notion of what the album was going to sound like.

I felt like the beats were going to be obnoxious and the lyrics were going to do nothing but degrade women and make me feel beyond uncomfortable.

I was half wrong. “Heavy Hearted in Doldrums” contains R-rated lyrics.

For the most part, they are lewd and obscene falling under the stereotypical rap genre.

If you are not used to listening to raw rap music, you will be very surprised within the first 15 seconds.

Some songs are more obscene than others. The “Rain Song” featuring Lil Ugly Mane is less lewd than the rest of the songs.

The intro to this song is very explicit when describing women.

However, once you get passed the line, “She’s got long hair but that p**sy hair braided,” the lyrics become bit quite deep.

If you’re going through a tough time in your life, you may identify with this song.

The lyric that stood out to me the most was, “Playing life with a cheat code/ two tokens shy of a game over.”

You can hear the emotion he puts out when he raps these lyrics.

ANTWON’s style be so versatile, switching from “I skeeted in her throat” to “They tell you to keep your head above water to keep your status but I’m breathing under currents without any apparatus the water stagnant and brackets with the hats fastened flat on my casket time passes in vast amounts.”

“Thought about life with a pocket full of squola, thought about getting older, thought about the alpine blast in the rover, but I’m stuck in this sh*t till it’s over,” sung in another lyric.

The beats used in “Heavy Hearted in Doldrums” is euphonically pleasing.

You don’t get annoyed or tired of hearing them, they’re smooth and not obnoxious.

“Loser,” “No metro nome,” and “143” are songs that are slower and touch on heartbreak and life not going according to plan.

Going from lewd to deep lyrics is not something you can easily find packed in one album. All in all I give this album 3 paws.

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