Announcing Alumni Art: Jennifer Baugh

By Antonia Saurez |Staff Writer|

“The whole beauty of photography is to refresh our thinking of the world,” said Jennifer Baugh.

A former CSUSB student and former editor of the Arts & Entertainment section of the Coyote Chronicle, Jennifer Baugh is having her first photography show at a local Redlands’ art gallery.

She made her segue to photography from writing.

“In writing there’s a long and tedious process in order to produce an appealing story,” said Baugh. “Photography became a form of visual narrative to me.”
Baugh’s art shows a stylized manner of muting the typical and natural order of objects and colors and masking them.
“I rely on post-processing to give a fresher perspective on the most mundane images,” said Baugh.
Her photographs offer a distinct lens into her world. A world that otherwise remains overlooked in the saturation of color.
“I shoot to edit,” said Baugh. “The point of this method is to expose the magic.”
One of the pieces on display is titled “Lush.” The photograph was taken at the Huntington Library Gardens.
“It was a beautiful and vivid color shot of a Magnolia leaf hanging off of a tree amidst a forestry scene,” said Baugh. “I tried to give this image a different take in transforming it to black-and-white so that the color distinctions one would make were not there and you were face-to-face with the ‘presence of the image’ itself.”
The removal of color was important to Baugh in order to remove distinctions of sky, flower and leaf from the piece.
This black-and-white narrative piece focuses the audience’s eyes to the lines on the leaves and the form of the branches.
In this manner training the audience’s eyes to see the photograph in the same manner the artist did.
Baugh is currently focusing her efforts in expanding her art work to Redlands and the Palm Springs area.
“I plan to do many showcases in galleries in the Palm Springs area due to its big art scene,” said Baugh. She plans to later expand her art to the Los Angeles area.
Baugh is a member of the Redlands Art Association in Downtown Redlands where her work is being showcased. Her work is available for purchase at the gallery.
The Redlands Art Association is located at 215 East State St, Redlands, Calif. They can also be reached via-phone at 909-792-8435.

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