Animal housing

By Alejandra Arana |Staff Writer|

Students should be allowed to have pets in the dorms or apartments to help reduce the stress of college life.
Coming home to an excited, jumping puppy or kitten allows the stress to leave your body.

I moved down here from Northern California and my first year was very difficult to deal with without my family.

If I would have been allowed to bring my bunny Snowball, I would have had something from home that no one could take from me.

She would have been a constant and reassuring reminder from home that would have helped me deal with my stress.

Housing does not allow pets (besides fish) to live with students for various reasons but they should allow them, for the student’s emotional well-being.

There are more benefits associated with having a pet than there are negative issues they might generate.

Even the Health Center has the annual “Pet Your Stress Away” event where students have the opportunity to pet cute animals so they can relieve stress.

If the Health Center facilitates these events it’s because stress among students is high and there is a real problem.

College is difficult on its own and some of us are having trouble just affording to continue on as students, so we deserve to have pets.

It is ridiculous that after all the money we spend to live on campus we can’t even make it a real home with our own accommodations.

With pets, you let all your emotions go, you forget about all your homework and the bills you have to pay and just enjoy the company of someone that loves you unconditionally, all the stress of the day evaporates.

“I believe pets should be allowed in the dorms because having a pet is very beneficial to the owner. They provide stress relief, entertainment as well as companionship,” said student Isela Ocampo.

Some students come from all the way across the country and they miss home so having their pet allows them to have a little something from home to make them feel more comfortable in their new surroundings.

Of course, there should be limitations on how many pets are allowed and what kinds residents are allowed to keep.

“There should definitely be a limit. One pet should be the limit because we don’t want the rooms to get smelly or have to manage too many pets,” said Ocampo.

“They should not be poisonous or harmful to anyone,” said student Kaithlyn Huntington.

No poisonous snakes or spiders or any other animal that can cause harm should be allowed for the safety of everyone who lives nearby.

Designating one whole building “pet friendly” would help avoid any potential conflicts with students that could arise concerning the pets, especially since it would be safe to say that everyone in that designated building would be animal lovers.

Allowing pets to live with residents will help students to not only deal with their stress in a healthy manner, but also to have a little piece of home with them.


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