American Apparel Scandal

By Carly Woolley |Staff Writer|american-apparel-window-mannequins-now-feature-pubic-hair-3032420

The once dubbed controversial retailer American Apparel has yet again made their way into fashion headlines.

Jan. 16 at 3 a.m., the East Houston Street American Apparel store in New York City unveiled its new window of lingerie-wearing female mannequins featuring a new look of fully grown pubic hair..

American Apparel is definitely no stranger to facing criticism and being accused of intentional scandal from the media.

They have been noted to be a company that willingly creates inappropriate clothing pieces and advertisements to gain attention.

The company has been criticized for featuring topless women, suggestive poses, and underage girls in their advertisements.

Featuring pubic hair in a storefront window may come as a shock to many, but it may also be seen as an act made to seek attention.

Student Jennifer Baldwin said, “I’ve been shopping at American Apparel since I was in high school. I’ve seen a lot of their advertisements over the years and I’ve never seen a problem with any of their statements. American Apparel has always been known as a cool store with an awesome vibe and I like shopping there.”

This new design route has risen many questions about what is and what is not appropriate to be viewed on an average street corner.

Countless pedestrians view the mannequin display and there have been multiple reactions.

Some people pass by the storefront and think nothing of the display. Some people take pictures, tweet, and post on about them Instagram.

The intention of the display is not clearly stated, which leaves many people wondering what the purpose is.

Marisa Damron said,”I saw a picture of the American Apparel mannequins with pubic hair online. “I thought it was kind of disturbing but it also made me laugh. After seeing the pictures and the lingerie they were featuring, I didn’t know what the company’s intention was but I honestly don’t see the company any different than I did before,” said Damron.

This advertising ploy has left many wondering if American Apparel is making a feminist statement by encouraging women in bringing back an old trend of rocking hair down there, or if this is just another scandalous move to gain brand attention.

Styleite’s reporter, Erica Tempesta, sat down with Dee Myles, the New York store’s district visual manager for an interview.

When asked about the store’s stance, Myles said, “American Apparel has always been a company that celebrates natural beauty. I think that it’s a continuation of that celebration. It’s more so showing a natural form in our lingerie.”

“I think it’s to spark conversation rather than controversy over what we deem beautiful and sexy,” continued Myles.

Myles claims that this is an act of celebration and the goal of the company’s statement is to have their consumers begin to think about their personal view of beauty.

Consumers may buy into this idea, but it has proved to be a successful strategy for gaining attention.

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