Amazing trailer, terrible movie


Maggie PosterBy Jose Alvarez | Staff Writer |

Our former governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, stars in a disappointing film.

“Maggie” is a horror-drama film that has been playing in select theaters since its limited release on May 8.

Critics believe the only reason that this film has been getting any traction is because of Schwarzenegger’s iconic name.

The plot goes as follows: Maggie, played by Abigail Breslin from “Zombieland,” is a teenage girl who gets infected and slowly transforms into a zombie.

Maggie’s father Wade, played by Schwarzenegger, is now faced with a difficult decision, either send Maggie to the quarantine zone where she will be killed, or kill his own daughter.

I felt that one of the movie’s biggest mistakes was that it never showed the quarantine zone; we merely get a few references to it, letting us know that sending someone there will result in a painful death.

The trailer made this movie seem different and worth a shot, but if I have to be completely honest I did not have a good time watching this film.

Compared to the multiple zombie films I have seen, like “Land of the Dead” and “28 Days Later,” the movie had a slower pace than the film offered.

Overall the film felt draggy and sluggish, as if there was never anything important present, or as if there was no moral message.

“I wish I would’ve got to see that quarantine zone they were talking about. It’s all kind of a disappointment,” said third-year student Juan Elizalde.

“Except for Arnold, I felt that the actors could have done a bit better, I just couldn’t get into their world,” Elizalde continued.

Schwarzenegger plays a role that’s not so typical of him and although it’s good to see a different side of him, it throws the movie off balance.

“I was expecting Arnold to play a different role, and he didn’t really have any action scenes, which made it weird for me,” said Francisco Guzman, CSUSB student and regular moviegoer.

This movie just seemed confused, as if it didn’t know if it wanted to be suspenseful or dramatic, and it ends up doing both very poorly.

Nothing interesting happened, excluding one scene where Maggie had to cut off one of her fingers in order to stop the “virus” from spreading.

This was the only scene that got a reaction from the audience and will be the only scene I will remember from the film.

The movie did not feel like it was aimed at any particular audience and just seemed like it was released without a purpose.

The ending was highly predictable, especially after Maggie started losing control of herself, turning into a zombie and satisfying her new hunger for flesh.

This scene made it clear that it was too late for her.

Not once did I feel engaged or on the edge of my seat, and it was weird knowing where the suspenseful parts were supposed to be.

Overall, the movie was a downer and it remains to be seen how Schwarzenegger will respond next.

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