Alums get all jazzed up

By Brittany Filippini |Staff Writer|

Fresh off of a performance at the Palm Desert campus CSUSB’s Alumni Jazz Quartet is thrilled to be captivating crowds once again.
Performing songs from their first album, titled “While You Were Out,” AJQ offers a variety of jazz music that will cater to all the different fans.

AJQ was formed in 2008 and is comprised of an educator with a doctorate in jazz studies and alumni and faculty from CSUSB.  The quartets members include Gayle Serdan on piano, Joaquin Hernandez on the drums, Eugene Baylon Jaceldo on the bass, and Robert Knop on the tenor saxophone.

Jaceldo and Hernandez are alumni of CSUSB both with degrees in music education, Knop is the associate professor of Music and director of Jazz Studies here on campus and although Serdan is not a faculty member or an alumni, she has an impressive music background

“The best thing about performing with this quartet is the four people that are in it,” said Knop,. who added that there are “absolutely no egos” within the group.
AJQ started writing their own material about a year and a half ago and recorded “While You Were Out” here on campus in the band room’s recording studio.

One of the obstacles AJQ has had to overcome is the busy schedule of each of its members. One way they overcome this hurdle is to plan projects ahead of time so they have something to work towards and make a priority in their hectic schedules.

Tenor saxophone player for AJQ, Robert Knop was very excited to get the group back together for the Palm Desert performance.

Palm Desert has a lively music and jazz scene that is very popular within the desert communities. When AJQ performed there last year, the audience was very welcoming and eager to hear jazz music.
“We performed at Palm Desert last year and we were well received. The audience is a very nice audience,” said Knop.
For more information about AJQ visit CSUSB’S website.



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