Alumnus to run for county supervisor

By Michele Cruz |Staff Writer|

“If you see something wrong with our city fix it,” said Tribal Chairman James Ramos.

Monday, May 9, James Ramos announced his candidacy for Third County Supervisor, against Neil Derry. Elected officials and supporters gathered in front of San Bernardino County Government Center to support Ramos.

“He has led the community college district and he is a man who can lead us as County Supervisor. He is an outstanding leader,” said San Bernardino Mayor Patrick Morris.

In 2005 he was the first American Indian elected to the San Bernardino Community College Board of Trustees and was appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Ramos is the Chairmen of San Manuel Band of Mission Indians and now he is running for County Supervisor.

“Over the past several months, I received numerous phone calls from leaders in our community asking that I consider running for the Board of Supervisors,” said Ramos. “The recent events with the incumbent in the 3rd district have increased the urgency of those calls. After discussing the idea with many leaders who I respect, and with my family, I have decided to announce today that I am a candidate for Supervisor.”

The California Attorney General office has charged the current Third County Supervisor, Derry, with perjury and filling a false report.

Derry has not been arrested and will be arraigned on June 9.

Furthermore, Derry has a misdemeanor charge of failing to report a $5,000 dollar campaign contribution controlled by former County Assessor Bill Postmus.

In a related scandal, four elected officials were indicted by a grand Jury for accepting bribes. Among these officials were Paul Biane, former County Supervisor and Mark Kirk, member on the board of supervisors.

Also indicted were James Erwin, former chief of staff for Derry and Jeffrey Burum, co-manager for Colonies Partners.

According to the indictment, the object of the conspiracy was to illegally obtain $102 million dollar settlement from the county for personal gain.

Erwin created a Political Action Committee (PAC) that he secretly controlled to accept $100,000 from Colonies for his part in committing extortion and bribery.

Postmus, Biane, Kirk and Erwin distributed varying amounts of money received from Colonies into PACs  they each controlled and then directly to themselves.

At the press conference, Ramos did not want to comment on the recent scandal concerning Derry.

“I am not focusing on that aspect, but we want to move forward. Today we will put those rumors to rest,” said Ramos.

Ramos and Derry are both running in the 2012 elections for County Supervisor.

According to Ramos education is something we all need to become successful and if elected he wants to enhance education opportunities for the youth.

Ramos says that the unemployment rate is down 13 percent and hopes to see more jobs hiring in 2013. If elected he wants to bring revenue to the city and protect tax payers.