Hartley finds higher purpose

By Mackenzie von Kleist |Staff Writer|

Once a young college student, eager to learn and striving to become the successful college student he knew he could be.

Mark Hartley, director of student leadership and development, returns to the CSUSB campus  as an inspirational speaker and author whose purpose is to have each student here be as passionate about their college career as they are about their social life.

Hartley has won the 2011 Best Performer and Fastest Rising Star for Campus Activities Magazine.

Hartley’s passion and dedication to the CSUSB campus has truly been recognized by the students as well as people he inspires. Hailing from nearby University of Redlands, Hartley has made his home here at CSUSB and has helped countless students to reach their goals.

With over 200 nominations from our campus as well as other campuses and people he has come into contact with,

Hartley was launched into the contest with four other nominees, and successfully won.

“How cool is this?” said Hartley. “I know everyone that gets nominated for other awards says it but I truly just felt honored to be nominated, and actually winning the award is just such a great honor.”

Along with the award for Fastest Rising Star, Hartley is being featured in the magazine’s April issue with an interview and full page spread about his accomplishments and success that enabled him to get this far.

“I have a message to be heard”, said Hartley. “This generation has the key to this futures success, and I want them to live up to excellence and prepare to take this country where it needs to go.”

Most subscribers to the magazine use it as a resource to book inspirational speakers, musicians, comedians and events for their campus activities and draw in a more overall school spirited atmosphere.

According to Campus Activities Magazines, the magazine operates as a resource to bring student buyers together with the artist and agencies who cater to the collegiate market.

The magazine aims to introduce students to new and innovative programming opportunities while letting them know about some of the more popular performers and shows other intuitions have found.

Attending one of his inspiring speeches two years ago about “Greeks and grades,” has stuck with me throughout my time here at CSUSB.

Hartley’s goal is to push each student to become accountable for their studying habits and make sure that they have fun in college but always know that they are here for their degrees and without success here, the real world will only be harder.

One of the main habits that I took from the speech was his recommendation of seeing school and studying like a job while you are here. If you are on campus Tuesdays and Thursdays, then dedicate yourself 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. studying so when you are done Friday your social life can begin without guilt about that paper you might have not finished during the week.

Taking these habits into my everyday life in college is preparing me for my future in my profession, and I have Mark Hartley’s inspiring speech to thank for that.

Since CSUSB is considered by most a “commuter campus,” having someone as prominent as Mark Hartley featured in a campus magazine like this puts CSUSB in a different light for most that did not see us at all.

“This award does not pay me anything, but having this sort of recognition is going to open up doors for me, and I want to use this to utilize and send my message out there,” said Hartley.

Hartley’s current responsibilities here at CSUSB are to help lead students and make sure they are living up to their potential, according to Hartley’s website..

But, beyond inspiring students Hartley is also a published writer who has books on, “10 Keys to Extraordinary Leadership,” “If I knew Then What I Know Now, College Leader Edition,” and coming out later, “If I knew Then What I know Now, Fraternity and Sorority Leader Edition.”

For more information about the award visit campusactivitiesmagazine.com and for more information about Mark Hartley visit markhartleyonline.com.


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