[UPDATED] Agent of Change Users Violated

By Emmanuel Gutierrez |Features Editor| and Clarissa Toll |News Editor|

CSU students’ personal information on Agent of Change servers were breached on August 28, according to an e-mail sent from the CSUSB Office of Title IX and Gender Equity.

The Agent of Change/We End Violence is a sexual assault prevention training program that many CSU campuses utilize to satisfy requirements made by the state.

“It’s kind of ironic that it was through the Agent of Change. It may be in poor taste to say, but I feel violated,” said student Mingo Vera.

The information leaked included “name, CSUSB student ID, campus issued e-mail address, CSUSB mailing address”, as well as “gender, race, ethnicity, age, organization name, relationship status, and sexual identity,” according to the CSUSB Office of Title IX and Gender Equity.

The e-mail stated that credit card information, driver’s license, and social security numbers were not breached.

“If it happened last week, why are we just finding out now?” asked student Marisol Nava.

Students who used their MyCoyoteID to create an account on the Agent of Change website need to change their password on MyCoyote, according to the CSUSB Office of Title IX and Gender Equity.

“Watch out for emails that appear to be from the university or other source trying to steal your information or infect your computer via a malicious website or attachment,” stated Coyote Chronicle Online Editor Jacob Collins.

“After data breaches, phishing attacks follow. Be very careful with your e-mails,” added Collins.

For those who have questions regarding the breach, contact the Agent of Change/We End Violence at (877)218-2930 between 6 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday-Friday, using reference number 6751090215.


Some students received an e-mail from We End Violence, Agent of Change administrators, on Friday, September 4. The e-mail detailed the steps being taken to correct the website hack that left CSUSB students exposed.

The e-mail stated,”In addition to taking down the Agent of Change website and working with third-party computer forensics, we have been working with our web developers to restore the site in a secure manner.”

The e-mail further stated that the third-party computer forensics team determined an unauthorized intrusion occurred on the website server.

The Coyote Chronicle will update the story as more information is released.

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