Advancing with technology

By Destiny Guzman |Staff Writer|

Computers, software and technology dominate our society and are vital tools that we should know more about.

“Your entire life is digital now,” said cyber security professor Vinny Nestler.

Our world is overwhelmed in technological advances, and we as students need to be aware of how knowledgeable we are about it.

Google Docs, Prezi and more are basic tools that we as students should know how to use, but do we really need to have knowledge about software applications and technology if our major does not require them?

“By using the technology, it only leverages your intellect to a greater extent and allows other people to collaborate and create greater masterpieces,” said Nestler.

Technology is an important part of our lives and can help us achieve our scholarly goals.

“It’s more important to make sure that technology is integrated in your entire student experience,” added Nestler.

One capstone about technology would not fulfill this great need.

A capstone should not be the only class where we learn how to operate computers and software applications.

“More importantly, it should just be woven into the fabric of each of the classes that you take,” concluded Nestler.

As Nestler said, we should incorporate or implement the use of technology in every class.

I understand that this will demand more from both faculty and students, but we all can benefit from the use of it.

We will become resourceful and qualified as we advance our understanding in these areas of expertise—yet we should be aware of how we are using these resources.

“It’s funny—there’s a saying that our cellphones know more about us than we know about ourselves,” said student Dora Baldwin.

“In actuality, it should be the other way around,” continued Baldwin.

Our knowledge about technology should not only be how to use our cellphones to post selfies on social media.

We have to realize that our knowledge will help others.

“Through education we not only protect ourselves but others in our lives,” concluded Baldwin.

Baldwin leads our school’s Info Sec Club, which offers valuable information and instruction.

Not only will learning more about these areas help our scholarly lives, but it will also help our personal lives.

“Cyber security is really important to learn because people are getting scammed,” said student Jimmy Ly.

Now, if you think that this will never happen to you, then try to think about your loved ones.

We should take the time to learn more in order to help our family members, friends, and loved ones, who might not have the opportunity.

“If you took a course like IST-309, you would know techniques that hackers would use and how to protect yourself,” continued Ly.

“Having some knowledge is better than having nothing at all – to fix your computer or avoid a scam,” concluded Ly.

Security is necessary for our daily lives, and we are the ones who will make that happen.

We have to remember that technology is continually advancing and we must do the same.

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