A view from our newsroom

By Coyote Chronicle |Editorial Staff|

We live in an information age where accessibility is instantaneous and the credibility of reporting is in severe danger.

As a younger generation, we are learning how to uphold the venerable institution of journalism with the utmost regard.

We believe in fostering discussion on the diversity of opinion and we encourage our readers to continue using opinion pieces as their catalyst.

As the independent student voice of CSUSB, the opinions expressed in the Coyote Chronicle are those of the student writers and do not reflect the views of the entire editorial team, university, its faculty, or any other person or institution unless expressly noted.

Authors are free to express their opinion, and those who disagree are entitled to do so as well. We encourage and extend an invitation for contributing writers to express their notions regarding pieces featured in the newspaper.

However, we will not condone personal attacks on the character of an author. We believe in protecting our writers and defending their First Amendment right to express their opinions.

Opinion pieces provide educational opportunities for students to write thoughtful critiques about various on and off-campus lectures, activities, events and workshops that they may critically engage.

It is imperative to understand how opinion pieces are handled in contrast to news articles.

Furthermore, those who believe that we should not have published the article because their views align with that of popular opinion would be engaging in censure.

As young, sometimes first-time writers and editors, we make mistakes, but we always correct ourselves as we learn and mature. It is a symbiotic educational process, and we trust that readers will hold us accountable by challenging our journalistic integrity.

It is our duty to engage with the campus and San Bernardino community by offering educational and resourceful assistance through our reporting. We will continue to uphold the basic tenets of outstanding journalism which include accuracy, fairness, credibility and impact.

Focusing on those positive aspects and more, we foresee success and maturation for the Chronicle as we establish relationships with our communities.