A Quest into Fantasy

By Yesica Gonzalez lStaff Writerl

Escaping the real world and entering the realms of your imagination can simply be done by picking up one at A Shop Called Quest.

Store manager, Gloria Alva, shared her thoughts on why comics are still around and the pleasure they can give readers of any types. 

“Comics have been around forever and at first I want to say it was about heroes and capes, but as the years have gone by, it has expanded to stories about anything,” said Alva.

Alva has considered reading comic books as a way to relieve stress.

“Comics have always been an outlet for people like if I had a rough day or it something, I can read, enjoy and be emerged into a different reality,” Alva said.

In many places, such as billboards and social media, comic books have become renowned with the culture continuing to grow.

Television has taken upon itself to start filming one superhero show at a time and has led to producing much more.

Currently, there are many franchises on television such as The Flash, Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Supergirl.

The exposing of comics has even lead to Netflix to have its own footing in the exploding genre.

Comic book shows such as Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Daredevil have found an alternative outlet through streaming.

“If anything, they’re more popular now because of the tv shows, all the Marvel and DC movies and it makes it more mainstream,” Alva shared.

Comics may have become common, but still, there are those that dislike them.

Alva’s sister mentioned once to her that she does not read comics because the pictures are distracting.

Alva understands that sometimes people just want to read a story and it can be one of the reasons why comics would not work for them.

But for other people like Alva, the pictures are what make comics special.

“Comics are awesome because you get artwork and it can be amazing and beautiful and it’s on every single page,” Alva said.

People that do not know a lot about comics, might get the idea that there are only genres like Peanuts, or Calvin and Hobbs.

“No, no, no, now there are some comics that are based on real life stories and there’s just every genre you can think of,” Alva shared.

A comic book can sometimes have either a great artist or story.

According to Alva, when having both, it can get somebody who does not like to read to enjoy reading.

“My niece, she never likes to read but then I got her some DC superhero pets and the picture were enough to keep her interested and wanting to read more, it gets people into art and literature,” Alva said.

Now that comics are on the rise, they are also becoming normal for anyone to read them, unlike before.

“The popularity, it makes them more acceptable, I remember growing up and being a nerd was a shameful thing but now it’s like ‘yeah I’m a nerd, I read comics, I’m an intellectual,'” Alva chuckled.


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