A movement on men’s and women’s fitness fashion…2BeastMovement

By Vivian Gurrola-Amissah |Staff Writer|

“Find something you are truly passionate of,” said Jorge Llamas when discussing his recent launch of his new gym clothing line called 2BeastMovement, with his business partner Fernandez Rios.

Being the CEO of 2BeastMovement, Llamas has come a long way of achieving success of his brand new line for fitness.

Llamas found himself working with Rios and launching the release of their new urban fitness wear for men and women in March 2015.

Raised in the Moreno Valley area, failure was not an option growing up. Llamas always felt he needed to make something out of his life.

Llamas and his business partner Rios, also known as “Audiobot,” both promoted raves for massive amounts of people, Audiobot eventually got signed to LMFAO to produce the hit “Sexy and I Know It.”

After going their separate ways Llamas worked at Ross Dress for Less warehouse for a couple years where he realized his talents were not being put to use.

Wanting a better life, Llamas focused on inventing a better lifestyle of chasing his dreams for fitness and design.

While things moved quickly Llamas and Rios found themselves meeting with a lawyer about trademark names, both agreed to include the word “Beast,” shortly after came the idea of 2BeastMovement.

Today, at 25, Llamas and Rios sell their fitness clothing online that ranges between $15 to $30, perfect for college students to afford.

The two hope to inspire individuals to join the movement that want to create a better lifestyle for themselves.

With business running, 2BeastMovement’s year of release is right around the corner. Llamas plans to never have to live with the doubt of “what if” and hope to one day take the company worldwide.

I asked Llamas what tips he would give someone trying to start a new clothing line. He said, “Know who your consumer is, and never be afraid of change, anything has potential.”

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