A look at the three finalists for COE dean: Fiene makes time for students

By Katherine Henley |Staff Writer|

CSUSB has named Professor Jayray Freeman Fiene as one of the three possible candidates to become the next Dean of the university’s College of Education (COE).

Jayray Freeman Fiene is currently a CSUSB professor of education and the interim dean of the College of Education (COE). He began this position on July 16, 2010.

“As interim dean of COE my duties are the same as if I was the dean but, the position is for a limited time, unless I am selected as the dean as a result of the search,” said Fiene. “Therefore, it is my responsibility to make sure that we provide quality programs and courses for students, that we maintain our accreditation and respond to all report and accountability requirements as well as any reporting to the Chancellor’s Office and provide oversight and leadership for all faculty and staff in the college.”

Fiene joined CSUSB in the summer of 2009; he has held a number of leading positions not only here at CSUSB but also at Western Kentucky University and even held the position as president of the National Council of Professors of Educational Administration.
Prior to joining CSUSB, “Fiene served as the director of the educational administration, leadership and research department at Western Kentucky University and was the founding director of the doctoral program in educational leadership,” according to news.csusb.edu.

Fiene attended Pittsburg State University where he received his master’s degree in music education and in education specialist from Missouri State University he also received his doctorate in educational administration from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

“Education is still one of the greatest opportunity makers. My goal is for our university to build on that,” said Fiene according to news.csusb.edu.

Although Fiene is kept busy being interim dean of COE, back to back meetings until the late evening and a finalist for the dean of COE, it was easy to get in contact with him. I sent him an email and received one back within one day, answering all of the questions I had asked.

“Wow, Fiene really does care about the students and our school, some professors won’t e-mail me back that quickly,” said student Carly Rorer after hearing how easy it was to get in contact with Fiene.

“Fiene has three goals in running the college: to make its operations and discussions more transparent, become as inclusionary as possible and determine what direction education is headed to make the college more relevant to the inland region. Fiene said those goals are attainable and he wants to utilize faculty and staff members to work with him to continue the college’s momentum for change and growth in education and in life,” according to csusb.edu.

“I think that those are great ways to keep COE on the up. I agree fully with what Fiene has planned and already put into action. It is refreshing to see a professor genuinely care about this department. I think he would make a great dean of COE,” said student James Maloney.

Not only is Fiene determined to keep doing what is best for COE but he takes time to respond to students as well.

For more information about updates on the dean of the COE finalists please visit csusb.edu/coe/index.htm or news.csusb.edu



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