A coffee lover’s paradise


By Elina Urrutia |Staff Writer|

Bleu Pitt Café is a newly established community restaurant in San Bernardino.

“Our cafe opened about nine months ago,” said cafe manager Angie Chhon.

“We have many people visit from different areas but mainly locals. Students enjoy coming here to study or simply take a small break,” added Chhon.

Bleu is located at 165 W Hospitality Lane STE 17, San Bernardino, CA 92408.

Their menu consists of a wide variety of freshly baked breads, bagels, sandwiches, salads, pastries, coffee, espresso, and real fruit smoothies.

Compared to many other bigger corporations like McDonald’s, Bleu Pitt’s meals are made to order and offer a delicious fresh taste.

“The name of the Cafe has two meanings; Bleu is the name of the owners dog, a blue pitbull,” said Chhon.

“It also has the meaning of a coffee pit because our house coffee is blueberry. So it is associated with both the dog and the coffee pit,” concluded Chhon.

The cafe is well known for their signature blueberry coffee, which is hand shaken and made fresh daily for customers to enjoy.

For students, shops like Bleu Pitt are convenient because they offer reasonable prices for good sized proportions.

IMG_6476Sandwiches range from $7 to $8, breakfast ranges from $2 to $5, salads from $6 to $8 and drinks from $2 to $4.

The cafe also offers fast customer service, great quality food, and a relaxing ambiance to study in.

Overall, it is a cool hang out spot to get together with friends and share a meal or share a cup of coffee with.

“I love their large selection of freshly baked breads and bagels,” said cafe customer Nadia Tinoco.

“There is always a lot of options to choose from, and different ways to mix and match orders. I think that their blueberry iced coffee is the best. It’s a definite must try,” continued Tinoco.

The shop also supports dog adoption, and help rescue dogs who are on last call. Because of this, many dogs have been saved and welcomed into family homes.

“I think it’s a great spot to hang out in,” said student Freddy Martinez.

“The prices are reasonable and the fact that they support dog rescue and adoption makes me love this place even more,” said Martinez.

“Unfortunately, we do not allow animals in our shop, unless they are service animals,” said Chhon, “But we do have a small area right outside for anyone who wants to bring their pets.”

Just like many other rules and regulations restaurants must follow, Bleu Pitt offers a welcoming atmosphere. It is very comfortable, clean, and alive.

“Today is actually my first time here, but definitely not my last,” said Ricardo Orellana, cafe customer, “I had a delicious sandwich and tried their famous blueberry coffee which I thought was an odd combination but turned out to be great.”

As a first time costumer myself, I was surprised of how well the staff managed rush hour.

They were extremely attentive to all their visitors and kept pace with their orders.

As a student and coffee lover, I thought I would never leave Starbucks but discovering this new cafe has changed my mind.

I not only fell in love with their freshly made drinks and meals but also the atmosphere their staff creates.

If you live in or around the San Bernardino area, check them out—you will not be disappointed.

I would say the only down fall to the cafe is that they are only open Monday through Friday from 7a.m. to 3p.m.

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