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Deconstructing the Types

By Sierra Marrero | Assistant Community Editor Stereotypes—a method to categorize people, can not only used to diminish an individuals self worth but also causes a division from ones own culture….

How Often Should Men Get Haircuts In The Winter?

By: Manny Sandoval | Contributing Writer The amount of time men should go between haircuts depends on the length of the cut and style. A good haircut should last a…

Bitmoji as a new dialect

By: Elina Urrutia 2017 marked the first large scale study of emoji usage. Researchers at the University of Michigan analyzed an estimated 427 million messages via the Kika Emoji Keyboard.  They…

Unit Overloading

By Monica Rosales |Staff Writer| Students are overloading on units in an attempt to graduate in a timely manner, however it may be causing a hindrance rather than a benefit….

Sleep Deprivation takes its toll

By Monica Rosales | Contributing Writer | Lack of sleep continues to add to daily struggles of college students as they attempt to conquer life all at once in order…