Beloved President to retire this June

By Lena Torres |Staff Writer|

CSUSB President, Dr. Albert K. Karnig led the annual Convocation Ceremony, the president’s annual welcome address, this past Sept. 19, 2011.

Budget cuts and rise in tuition were amongst the numerous topics the President of CSUSB announced at the Convocation Ceremony.

“I’ve never been more proud of what the CSUSB faculty and staff has contributed to the lives of our students and for the wholesome way you interact with one another,” said Karnig before he started the ceremony.

Karnig, who has been President of CSUSB since 1997, shared with his fellow colleagues and students the everlasting rise in tuition and budget cuts that are due to the lack of support from the California government.

He announced that in the last year the CSU system was “slashed” by $650 million and could receive another $100 million cut by Jan. 2012. You ask why the increase in tuition? Well, there’s your answer.

Karnig mentioned that to make up for the $650 million budget cut the trustees of the CSU system agreed on a 12 percent fee increase for tuition this fall quarter and it will only go up from there to make up for money lost. Basically, we’re paying more money to make up for what the state has taken away from us.

“Students at CSUSB are actually paying 56 percent of the direct cost of their education,” said Karnig, relating to the pressing budget cuts issue.

During his Convocation speech, Karnig explained his suggestions he presented to the University Budget Council which included having the enrollment team look for resident enrollments, and the development of online programs that would be available to students in the military and outside of the region.

With these two suggestions in action revenue would increase. However, there aren’t very many alternatives.

“Personally I agree with President Karnig’s opinions. I don’t think there are many alternatives. The university is aggressively fundraising to offset the budget cuts,” said ASI President Aaron Jimenez.

The Convocation Ceremony wasn’t all bad news however. President Karnig recognized numerous groups on the campus and some new additions as well.

The Executive Committee members, ASI officers, new deans, new assistant deans and directors of departments were some of the many organizations, teams and personnel recognized for their hard work and dedication towards the university.

Various awards were given out to faculty and staff as well such as, the President’s Outstanding Employee Award and the President’s Achievement Award. Mary Texeria was presented with the Golden Apple Award and Steven Tibbits the Outstanding Faculty Award.

Once the Convocation video was shown to those who attended the ceremony Karnig praised the faculty, staff and students mentioning that we’re among the top 25 percent best universities in the U.S. according to the Princeton Review and Forbes.

Before ending the annual Convocation Ceremony, Karnig announced his shocking plans for retirement as he reaches his fifteenth year as the campus’ third President. Karnig will truly be missed on the CSUSB campus by many faculty, staff and students.


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