Gift ideas for your Valentine

By Emerald Collins |Staff Writer|

You have a day to try to figure out what to buy your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day. Maybe you’re single and you’re trying to make some plans for Valentine’s Day or deciding how to spend the day with a loved one. Don’t stress out, we’ve got you covered.

As the day of romance arrives, there are a few tips anyone could adopt to have a good time. These tips could make your Valentine’s Day memorable, whether you spend it with your sweetheart, a loved one or by yourself.

Besides the matching heart set pajamas, boxes of chocolates, stuffed animals and heart shape balloons you keep seeing in stores, you can get someone a gift that cost little but makes a big difference.

Valentine’s Day could be made memorable if you gather your sweetie’s favorite music and dance with them to it. That idea could follow a nice candlelight dinner with your Valentine’s favorite home-cooked meal.

If you are going solo this time of the year, self-dates can be just as impacting as someone taking you out on a date. Gifts can help us express our feelings to one another, so why not buy yourself a gift for the day? If you don’t want to be alone on this day of romance, it could be fun to invite a few single friends to accompany you. Whatever the case may be, take advice from Donna of “Parks and Rec” and “Treat yoself!”

If you’re short on time  buying your significant other flowers, candy, cards, jewelry, perfume or cologne etc. are classics, but a maybe a little played out. Show them your creative side by scrapping the fancy gifts, and woo the one you love by writing them a poem or serve them a customized breakfast in bed. Going the extra mile to break out of the V-day stereotypes will show how much you really care.

Another idea could be to invite all your single friends over and allow them to mingle, you never know, you might even meet next year’s valentine.
There are also ideas for those who absolutely dread this day, be they sassy singles, gal pals or individuals who don’t want to contribute to this day of corporate greed. For these folks this is “Anti-Valentine’s Day.”

You could always throw an Anti-Valentine’s Day party and invite all your friends who share the same feelings for this day, complete with broken heart shaped treats, “Single Ladies” playing in the background and cheap romance novels you can “vandalize” with markers and crayons.

Make light of your relationship shortcomings by passing out funny name tags to guests when they arrive that read “bad kisser,” “deadbeat,” “home wrecker.” Decorate with pictures of celebrity ex-couples (think Britney and K-Fed, probably too soon for Ashton and Demi, though) to set the mood.

Either way, don’t let a day on the calendar dictate how to feel. The best advice for Valentine’s Day is to simply enjoy yourself, whether it involves having a sweetheart or hanging with friends.


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