CSUSB women’s water polo claims first victory over Fresno Pacific University

IMG_4248By Inno Sita |Staff Writer|

CSUSB women’s water polo has finally acquired their first great victory of the season.

After facing their toughest challenge of having three straight games in one day, they received a win against Fresno Pacific University.

All three games took place inside the San Bernardino Aquatic Center.

Their first game, against Whittier College, was another loss: 4-7 against the Coyotes. Both teams build up a chemistry together, meeting three times this season.

Katie Braun, a freshman playing 2 meter, said that the game was very intense.

“The middle of the third quarter, we started to rise up. We left them with no chance to score, but we suddenly fell short once again. However, I believe that we need to come prepared next time,” said Braun.

As far as her performance, she agrees that she played a lot better than the previous games. “I had my head in the game and came prepared this time, but it still remains a learning process.”

The Coyotes also lost game two of the day against Occidental College by a score of 8-10.

They had a slow start, allowing the Tigers to score six points on the 1st and 2nd quarter, while the
Coyotes kept missing opportunities with no points on the scoreboard.

According to Kelly McKenzie, a sophomore playing Utility, the team cannot afford another loss.

“Losing over and over shouldn’t be happening in this team. We are great players, but I feel that we choose to play poorly sometimes. I know my team had all the potentials to win against the Occidental College, but somehow we ended up short,” said McKenzie.

Throughout the 3rd and 4th quarter, the Coyotes abruptly shocked the fans with their outstanding comeback, by scoring eight points total.

They remained focus, trying to accomplish their goals and take away the momentum.

However, they came short with another close win this season.

The final game of the day against the FPU Sunbirds, who suffered with several injuries and three tough games, led the Coyotes to their first victory by a score of 7-6.

After two consecutive losses, the Coyotes finally proved themselves.

“It was a great feeling,” said senior driver Georgiana Bray. “After losing two games in a day, we couldn’t leave our fans without at least a win. He work so hard, coming to practice almost every day and a lot of sacrifices are made. So, to finally win a game, proves that we came prepared.”

Each player had a remarkable game; Misty Vu had three goals, scoring the game-winning goal leading the Coyotes to a breaking losing streak.

Goalkeeper Kelsey Purkiss had 11 saves. Junior Driver Alison Glaser had three goals as well.

“The coach was more excited than we were,” said Braun. “Later, she advised us to continue playing harder, strong[er], smart[er] and never give up. We gained more confidence after our win.”

Coach Sarah Reneker, continues to encourage her players. She constantly counsels them to keep up the good work and embrace failure in order to success. She makes sure that every player is present for practice and fully involved.

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