The Annual Car Show

By Blair Hernandez |Staff Writer|

Empire Tire Co., located on State Street, hosted the first annual car show which consisted of old school VW Bugs, Chevy Impalas, Chrysler and Jeep models.

Elite Mopars is one of many local car businesses that strongly believes in uniting communities and building a support system for families in need.


President Brain Herzog known as “Papa B” established Elite Mopars last August.

“We came together as friends. We wanted to create a family atmosphere. You deal with family on a daily bases because we work well together. We focus on family values. Jokingly, I was voted in as president because I was the oldest,” said Herzog.

The wife of EMCC and community supporter, Cindy Herzog believes in the strong value of family which primarily is the clubs foundation.

“It’s very humbling being the wife of the president but my he’s able to pull together, advise and guide the club,” said Herzog.

As the day progressed, the entertainment featured Hispanic cultural dances.

Different versions of Herby

“The dancers were very neat; the performance established a since of historic culture and the music was geared to different age groups,” said Herzog

“This has been a growing experience, getting in the routine of being able to talk to anyone like dealing with different personalities and steeping back to see what everyone wants within the club,” said vice president Cesar Siliezar of EMCC.

Local resident, entrepreneur and DJ Brain Savage grew up in Hemet and are strong supporters for local businesses.

“I heard about this event from my friends and owners of empire tire co. Steven and Fred Salazar. The tacos were pretty good and enjoyed the cars. Nice selection and collection of different era vehicles from low rider, muscle cars. My favorite was the Chevy Impala,

“Twenty years ago Hemet was known as cow town. There use to be areas of agriculture, orange, watermelon fields and walnut trees. Now it has become more urban to the younger crowd,”said Savage.

DJ J-Styles

Local DJ, J-styles, astonished the event with entertainment that captured the attention and support of Hemet locals.

“I saw this as a great hobby, I use to go to parties as kid and saw how the dj controlled the crowd and drew attention,” said Styles.

“The entertainment industry have challenges and is competitive in society, getting yourself out there, you always want to be social and professional as possible,” said Styles.


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