“Chronicles of Narnia” at the California Theatre

By Manal Museitef |Staff Writer|

The adventurous story of “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” will be showing at the California Theatre of the Performing Arts on May 25.

Promoters of the event distributed their first press release two weeks ago for the new musical installment and has since caused a frenzy within the followers of the seven-book series.

The author of the series, C.S. Lewis, is known for his work on this high fantasy novel in which he was inspired by Greek Mythology and traditional Christian themes. With this new stage production of the novel the characters are able to come to life in a refreshing and personal way, according to the promoters.

The new musical will resurrect the characters of siblings Lucy, Edmond, Peter and Susan as they discover a new world through a magical closet during a game of hide-and-seek. On their journey the four children come across an array of good, evil, wise and foolish creatures.

The children join forces with their new friends to overcome the evil witch Jadis, who has cursed them to live in a world of eternal winter. The enchanting musical is great to experience with the whole family and people of all ages.

Reviews from past “Chronicles of Narnia” productions rave about its powerful lyrics, entertaining music and playful cast.

The power of faith plays a huge role in the musical considering it’s execution of symbolism. The greatest aspects also include the flourish of imagination and visualization.

The historic theatre, located at 562 W. Fourth St. in San Bernardino, has been recognized for test-screening classic films such as “The Wizard of Oz” and “King Kong.” Since their opening in 1928, the theatre has come a long way and now hosts the production of many tapings, including Showtime’s “The Latin Divas of Comedy” and “The Payaso Comedy Slam.” The stages have also supported Broadway tours over the years.

The full creative team and cast are to be announced. According to the formally mentioned press release tickets to the musical are $38.50-$77.50, available at ticketmaster.com, www.livenation.com, and at the theatre box office at (909) 885-5152.

Calendar listings include, May 25-26 at 8pm, May 26-27 at 2pm, and May 27 at 7pm.

Get your tickets now before its too late!





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