“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” aims to redefine gaming

By Nigel Hamblin |Staff Writer|

The best-selling first-person shooter (FPS) franchise of all time has arrived on the scene, and it’s back with the next evolution of Call of Duty online gameplay.

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” (CoD: MW3) brings in new twists and improvements to multiplayer gameplay, making it more of a modified, but better Modern Warfare 2.

The most significant change in gameplay comes from the new reward system. In MW2, good players were rewarded for getting high kills and low deaths in multi-player matches, but MW3 is giving players with different play styles the same opportunity to be rewarded.

In other words, you don’t have to be a one-man army to earn killstreak rewards in this game. This time around, they’re known as “point-streaks,” and you can earn them with strike packages.

Strike packages come in three types: assault, support and specialist. Each of these works in unique ways.

Assault is geared towards the high kill count commando player, while support is for the objective team player. I think specialist, however, is the most interesting and perhaps rewarding strike package there is.

Instead of unlocking point-streak rewards, specialists unlock perks designed to improve their performance. Once you’re at a certain number of point-streaks, you will have earned every perk and become the most powerful player in the match. This is the most interesting of the three, but judging from past CoD experience, a powerful feature such as this could make or break the multiplayer in the long run.

Points, on the other hand, can be earned in multiple ways, and not just from kills. Players can earn points through capturing flags, taking domination points and even kill assists.

Best of all, if you play with the support package your points won’t reset after a death. It’s nice to know that dying in a multiplayer match won’t completely destroy all your progress.

This new system is something that will move the CoD franchise forward in a fresh and satisfying direction, and might even make some Battlefield fanboys look at CoD in a different light.

Another significant change in MW3 multiplayer comes in the way of weapon proficiencies. Weapon proficiencies are a new component added to the multiplayer experience, and is essentially the ability not only to level up your character but your weapons as well.

As with strike packages, weapon proficiencies can work with different play styles. They also go hand-in-hand with certain classes.

“Breath” is a proficiency that helps assault classes aim more accurately similar to sniper classes, “Melee” helps SMG classes knife faster and LMG classes can unlock a proficiency to help them run faster with a heavy weapon.

However you choose to play, there are different proficiencies that will help enrich your experience.

Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games have taken CoD’s multiplayer experience to new heights to keep players interested and coming back, and it will undoubtedly work.

Despite all of MW3’s multiplayer improvements, the weakest aspect of the game is its graphics.

Now, any experienced gamer knows graphics aren’t the most important part of a game, but it feels like the developers weren’t very creative in the graphics department.

To put it another way, the game does not look as good as it could have been, especially when you put it up against Battlefield 3. This can be attributed to the fact that MW3 will be using the exact same graphics engine as used in MW2 according to ng4.com.

As for the PC platform, this game does not use the full scope of PC hardware like Battlefield 3 did, and it’s quite disappointing if you’re a PC gamer. It looks as if the Xbox 360 and PS3 received the most attention in MW3’s development.

Although it will look and feel familiar, MW3 brings exciting new multiplayer elements that will keep millions of dedicated players logging in hours and hours of game time.


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