“Bieber baby” needs a daddy

By Chris Johnson |Staff Writer|

Justin Bieber is being credited with the honor of baby-daddy of a three-month old boy he supposedly helped conceive with a then 19-year-old girl.

Mariah Yeater, 20, has filed a paternity suit against Bieber claiming she was impregnated by him backstage at an L.A. concert last year, according to L.A. Weekly.

Bieber dismisses this claim and says he doesn’t even know the woman.

I ask, should the age of Bieber and Yeater be taken into account when determining the outcome of the paternity suit, and if the accusations are true, should Yeater face misdemeanor charges for having sex with a minor?

Also, should the age of consent be lowered?

This is a sticky situation that both teenagers are in as they can end up facing a lifetime of regret, but my answer to the above questions is yes, and no.

Yeater was 19 at the time of the supposed love affair, and I am sure being a fan of his, she knew of his age.

Fortunately for her, rape is out of the question. Under California law a person who has sex with a minor and is not more than three years older is guilty of a misdemeanor and can face up to a year in jail.

Still, “Bieber Fever” is no excuse for her actions and should not come into play in court.

We all know it takes two and that Bieber should definitely take responsibility and be held accountable for his actions if she turns out to be telling the truth.

Neither one of these kids get any of my sympathy because both know right from wrong.

I feel Yeater coming out with this accusation is a move of desperation, poor judgment and lack of planning.

She runs the risk of facing up to a year in jail and possibly losing custody of her son or worse if Bieber isn’t the father.

What she should have done is grab a piece of Bieber’s hair during their love connection and pay a doctor under the table to run a DNA test. If Bieber is the father, then promise the doctor more money if they keep their mouth shut.

Of course there are more devious ways to play the game, but Yeater obviously chose the basic plan over the premium.

As for Bieber if things start to heat up he is sure to have his best team of lawyers on the case, and worst case scenario he will have to pop open that checkbook linked to his youth checking account and own up to his responsibility as a parent.

However my sympathy does go out to the three-month-old boy caught up in the middle of all this.

And this is the main reason I feel that age of consent should not be lowered from 18 because of babies being raised by teenagers that still need help raising themselves.

Kids who want to have sex will do just that, but for those kids that obey the law, lowering the age will only raise the rate of teenage pregnancy, stress on the parents, and the growing epidemic of 36-year-old grandmothers, and 54-year-old great-grandmothers.

If that were to happen I feel society would be running the risk of lowering the importance of the parent-child relationship, and instead it will be replaced by a mother and daughter, or a father and son arguing over who gets to go out tonight


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